Thursday, January 21, 2010

Schmidt Victory Hard Won, Important for Free Enterprise

Courtesy of Kimberly Hartke:

Schmidt Victory Hard Won, Important for Free Enterprise

Today, a hard won victory in the battle for food freedom and farmer's rights was won. Michael Schmidt, a Canadian dairy farmer is now cleared on all 20 counts of "selling" raw dairy in violation of Canada Health regulations. He is now free to continue operating his cow boarding program. I believe this signals health regulators in all of North America (this problem is happening here in the U.S. also) that their current campaign against raw dairy farms and their customers is without merit and an overstepping of their bounds and duties.

Background on the case here.

Verdict and sentence announced today.


Ursula said...

I am shocked at the win. I guess i am feeling too pessimistic about legal means. I guess judges and lawyers might be concerned about good food too.

Ann said...

I'm shocked at the win, as well. I guess I didn't have enough faith!

Ursula, I doubt the judges' concern has anything to do with good food.

But I am grateful for the ruling. And looking forward to more good rulings throughout North America.