Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Local Food & Urban Ag Predictions for Calgary

1. Urban Hens become legal. Many North American urban hen groups are bogged down by the bureaucraZy. To catapult to the core of this issue, consider this article from the Winnipeg Free Press which provides an example of the Universal Human Right to Food option.

"...when up against a "right to grow food" challenge, it is doubtful jurisdictions would be able to defend their bylaws..."

Ergo, there shouldn't be a community in North America, or anyplace on the Planet for that matter, that outlaws growing/raising your own food. If there is, I'm sure many on this list would like to hear about it.

CLUCK: Calgary Liberated Urban Chicken Club goes to court on 01April10 to present a Right to Food challenge against the present bylaw.

2. Permaculture/Community Gardens/Urban Farms see huge increase in numbers. So many great ideas come from the principles of Permaculture and Calgarians can apply the gentle science at home or in their community.

Permaculture: Rob Avis & Adrian Buckley
The 1st Calgary Permaculture Community Group Meeting
January 9, 2010 at 7:00PM
Marlborough Community Centre
636 Marlborough Way NE (near Marlborough Mall)

Community Gardens:
Gael Blackhall & Community Garden Resource NetworkGRN
Maggie Thompson & City of Calgary

3. Long Term Sustainable Urban Ag/Local Food System Green Infrastructure Development (#LFS or #UrbanAG on twitter)
Look for exciting announcements from the City of Calgary & the Alberta Government in 2010.

4. Sustainable Urban Ag Enterprises & Slow Money come to Calgary
The wave of investments in local food systems will connect with the smart money in Calgary.

5. School Gardens & Farms
Schools will embrace the robust learning opportunities associated with growing food.

6. Someone in Airdrie will try growing bananas
See Going Bananas over Urban Agriculture

7. 2011 New Growing Spaces x 2011
More nominations will 'germinate' as we near spring 2011. Vancouver is on track for 2010 spaces & London is fired up for 2012 new plots.

8. More Downtown Gardens in the Heart of Calgary
Many corporations, building managers & businesses are looking at initiating a 2010 downtown community garden for their employees/company.

9. The Calgary Food Charter
The CFPC goal is 100,000 signatures on the Calgary Online Food Charter

10. New Blood & New Leadership @ the Calgary Food Policy Council
I will be stepping down as the Chair of the CFPC to allow for a new generation of leadership & guidance to emerge to take us down the road of progressive food policy. Look for Calgary's best and brightest to step up.

11. City Council will support the concept of a Calgary Food Policy Council and move decisively on supporting a Food Policy for all Calgarians.

These predictions are just the tip of the iceberg lettuce, as 2009 was a breakthrough year for food policy and local food systems. There were many highlights as the CFPC turned 1 year old, hosted the 1st ever Calgary Food Summit and made it onto the Calgary City Council agenda, which wisely passed Calgary's 1st Food Policy Notice of Motion.

The 1st CFPC meeting of 2010 @Bow River Room @Calgary Water Centre @20Jan2010 @1900

So many wonderful and amazing Calgarians participated in a myriad of ways to strengthen our local food system and bring Calgary up to speed, and exceed on innovative food security initiatives.

Buckle up, 2010 promises to grow & yield even more fresh ideas.

Everyone Eats!

Paul Hughes

Fresh Eggs from the Killarney Urban Farm Out, 02Jan10:

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