Sunday, April 17, 2011

CFPC Elections 2011: 28April11 @International Hotel @6.30pm

CFPC Elections 2011: 28April11 @International Hotel @6.30pm

CFPC Elections 2011 28April11 630pm

The following positions are up for election:

• Chairperson
• Vice Chairperson
• Policy Development Coordinator/EAC Representative
• Secretary/Treasurer
• Social Media/Communications Coordinator
• Liaison Coordinator
• Events Coordinator
• Youth Policy Coordinator
• Ways and Means Coordinator (FundRaising)

CFPC – Roles and Responsibilities


● Liaise with Board members as appropriate to draw up meeting agendas
and confirm arrangements for meetings.
● Set meeting dates and locations.
● Chair meetings in a respectful and effective manner.
● Be well prepared on topics to be discussed, request agenda items in
● Keep to the agenda, allow adequate time for each agenda item and be
prepared to guide and end discussions.
● Encourage all members to participate in the discussion and ensure all
voices are heard.
● Should a vote be required, clarify the voting procedure and clearly state
the proposals.
● State clearly the agreed outcomes of discussions and votes.
● Liaise with Board members as appropriate over any action to be taken as
a result of decisions taken at the meeting.
● Represent the organization and act as spokesperson when required.
● Be available for consultation as necessary.
● Ensure that the organization’s staff & volunteers are supervised and
● Contact and brief new Board members about responsibilities.
● Ensure a good hand over between old and new committee members takes
● Take overall responsibility for legal, health & safety and insurance

Vice Chairperson:

● Deputize for the Chairperson in their absence.
● Adopt the responsibility and authority of the Chairperson when
● Co-operate with the Chairperson to encourage and promote the work of
the organization and Board members.

Policy Development Coordinator/EAC Representative:

● Represent the CFPC on the EAC (Environmental Advisory Committee)
● Provide expertise in the area of food policy.
● Liaise with government officials (e.g. municipal, provincial, federal) in
order to develop policy and affect change within government.
● Maintain contact and flow of information with other food policy councils
in other jurisdictions.
● Remain astride of food policy developments in other jurisdictions.
● Lead policy recommendations and development for the CFPC.


● Record the minutes of all Board meetings as well as the minutes of any
committees to which the Secretary is assigned, making sure that all
actions are duly noted.
● Circulate minutes and notes to Board members and/or committees, as
● Keep all the records of the association in a safe place.
● Keep a record of all policies approved by the Board in the association's
policy manual.
● Maintain and monitor a calendar of important dates for the association
such as grant filing dates, audit dates, etc.
● Dispose of old documents only with the approval of the Board.
● Make sure that all files are in good order for the next Board Secretary.
● Lead and assists in the preparation of the budget.
● Monitor the budget.
● Ensure the Board's financial policies are being followed, where
● Report to the Board of Directors and general membership on finances.
● Prepare any required financial reporting forms.
● Maintain all bank accounts.
● Write and signs off on cheques, with support from other signing
● Pay rent, bills or other fees, as applicable.
● Maintain financial records in a secure manner.
● Oversee all financial transactions.

Social Media/Communications Coordinator:

● Engage with the public through social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter,
● Manage content of social media.
● Liaise with media (e.g. news/radio); serve as point of contact for media
● Prepare media releases.
● Prepare newsletters and other communications for members.
● Develop materials for communication with the public.

Liaison Coordinator:

● Maintain communication with liaisons.
● Remain-up-to-date on liaison activities.
● Create synergies between liaison activities.
● Communicate liaison activities to the rest of the Board.

Events Coordinator:

● Organize events, with assistance from other Board members.
● Coordinate volunteers for events (e.g. tabling).
● Seek out event opportunities and secure positions.
● Coordinate fundraising events with CFPC Ways & Means/Fundraising Coordinator

Youth Policy Coordinator

● Maintain communication with Youth groups, especially post secondary institutions
● Remain-up-to-date on Youth activities.
● Create synergies between Youth activities.
● Communicate Youth activities to the rest of the Board.

Ways and Means Coordinator (FundRaising)

• Motivating and facilitating supporters to maximise the funds they raise.
• Developing new and imaginative fundraising activities, many of which will be events-based.
• Work with CFPC Event Coordinator.
• Raising awareness of the CFPC and its work, at both the local, provincial and national level.
• Increasing funds by researching and targeting orgs whose criteria match the CFPC's aims and activities.
• Developing and implementing a strategy for individual and corporate supporter recruitment and development.
• Overseeing corporate fundraising, including employee giving and matched giving from employers.
• Managing and updating databases to record donor contact and preference information.
• Recruiting organising and managing volunteers to fulfill various functions within the CFPC.

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