Monday, January 10, 2011

FoodStock 2011: Saturday, 29Jan11 @Kingsland Farmer's Market 2pm-5pm

Quality and access to food are important considerations for 2011. Both globally and locally our food choices have a major impact on our environments and communities.
Through a series of presentations and speakers we hope to inspire Calgarians to take a closer look into our local food system.

This event is a food & family friendly fundraiser for the “Canadian Right to Food Trial” which will be going to court on Feb 14th, 2010. Tickets are a suggested $5 but we encourage everyone to attend the event and give what they can.

Do you have something important to say about food?
Perhaps a solution to some of the challenges Calgarians face in accessing quality food?
Now is a great time to contribute your voice to the dialog.

We are currently seeking musicians to play acoustic sets as well as artists who would like to contribute pieces (%50 commission) to our silent auction.

Event Coordinator

Music Coordinator

For more information on the “Canadian Right to Food Trial” visit

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Burly Adventures said...

What now? I am dismayed that the city council and the legal system can remain so inflexible and unwilling to comprimise in order to meet the needs of the people of calgary. Clearly without a study or solid evidence to demonstrate that keeping laying hens within city limits is a health and safety concern they have no grounds to stand on. Paul, what options remain to initiate legal change to this archaic bylaw before the people are driven to resort to further civil disobedience?

In support of our cause,
Jon Berlie