Thursday, May 13, 2010

Election: Calgary Food Policy Council: Call for Nominations

Hello, CFPC foodies!

Just a reminder that the deadline for Nominations for the upcoming CFPC Board election is this Friday, May 14 at midnight. The following positions are up for election:

Policy Development Coordinator
Liaison Coordinator
Social Media/Communications Coordinator
Events Coordinator

An overview of the responsibilities for each of the above roles is attached.

Nominees are requested to complete the attached Nomination Form. The Nomination Form is also available on the CFPC website . Completed nomination forms must be received by midnight on Friday, May 14, 2010.

Once the nomination process has closed, information about the candidates will be circulated. Members will have the opportunity to meet with the candidates at the next CFPC meeting on Monday, May 17 @ 7pm at the Calgary Co-Op Midtown Market. The meeting will be held in the upstairs meeting room on the second level. Additional information about this meeting and a rough agenda will be circulated next week.

Please note that only information regarding the candidates' background and qualifications will be circulated to CFPC members; no other personal information from the nomination form, other than the candidates' names, will be disclosed. Electronic voting will be open to all members of the CFPC and will take place the week of Monday, May 17, and will close on Friday, May 21 at midnight. Voting will be electronic to reduce paper use and ensure that all members will have the opportunity to participate.

The results of the vote will be tallied and announced following the long weekend on Tuesday, May 25.

Please send completed Nomination Forms as well as any questions regarding the election process to Ngaio Hotte, Vice-Chair, Calgary Food Policy Council, at



CFPC – Roles and Responsibilities


● Liaise with Board members as appropriate to draw up meeting agendas
and confirm arrangements for meetings.
● Set meeting dates and locations.
● Chair meetings in a respectful and effective manner.
● Be well prepared on topics to be discussed, request agenda items in
● Keep to the agenda, allow adequate time for each agenda item and be
prepared to guide and end discussions.
● Encourage all members to participate in the discussion and ensure all
voices are heard.
● Should a vote be required, clarify the voting procedure and clearly state
the proposals.
● State clearly the agreed outcomes of discussions and votes.
● Liaise with Board members as appropriate over any action to be taken as
a result of decisions taken at the meeting.
● Represent the organization and act as spokesperson when required.
● Be available for consultation as necessary.
● Ensure that the organization’s staff & volunteers are supervised and
● Contact and brief new Board members about responsibilities.
● Ensure a good hand over between old and new committee members takes
● Take overall responsibility for legal, health & safety and insurance

Vice Chair:

● Deputize for the Chairperson in their absence.
● Adopt the responsibility and authority of the Chairperson when
● Co-operate with the Chairperson to encourage and promote the work of
the organization and Board members.

Policy Development Coordinator:

● Provide expertise in the area of food policy.
● Liaise with government officials (e.g. municipal, provincial, federal) in
order to develop policy and affect change within government.
● Maintain contact and flow of information with other food policy councils
in other jurisdictions.
● Remain astride of food policy developments in other jurisdictions.
● Lead policy recommendations and development for the CFPC.

Liaison Coordinator:

● Maintain communication with liaisons.
● Remain-up-to-date on liaison activities.
● Create synergies between liaison activities.
● Communicate liaison activities to the rest of the Board.

Social Media/Communications Coordinator:

● Engage with the public through social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter,
● Manage content of social media.
● Liaise with media (e.g. news/radio); serve as point of contact for media
● Prepare media releases.
● Prepare newsletters and other communications for members.
● Develop materials for communication with the public.


● Record the minutes of all Board meetings as well as the minutes of any
committees to which the Secretary is assigned, making sure that all
actions are duly noted.
● Circulate minutes and notes to Board members and/or committees, as
● Keep all the records of the association in a safe place.
● Keep a record of all policies approved by the Board in the association's
policy manual.
● Maintain and monitor a calendar of important dates for the association
such as grant filing dates, audit dates, etc.
● Dispose of old documents only with the approval of the Board.
● Make sure that all files are in good order for the next Board Secretary.
● Lead and assists in the preparation of the budget.
● Monitor the budget.
● Ensure the Board's financial policies are being followed, where
● Report to the Board of Directors and general membership on finances.
● Prepare any required financial reporting forms.
● Maintain all bank accounts.
● Write and signs off on cheques, with support from other signing
● Pay rent, bills or other fees, as applicable.
● Maintain financial records in a secure manner.
● Oversee all financial transactions.

Events Coordinator:

● Organize events, with assistance from other Board members.
● Coordinate volunteers for events (e.g. tabling).
● Seek out event opportunities and secure positions.
● Coordinate fundraising events.


elizabeth said...

I would like to learn more about what this group does.
I am challenged in a city of so many choices to find good, locally grown, organic food. Also menu planning for gluten free, lactose free, organic diets, supports.
I have found a great glutathione delivery system, "A" co. holds patent and willing to partner.
Farmers need our encouragement and community engagement!

Anonymous said...

如果,人類也像鼠輩一般,花很多時間來吃飯和睡覺,一定會改善健康。 .............................................