Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is a CSA?

What is a CSA?

What is a C.S.A?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it is a method whereby urban (and I suppose suburban) dwellers invest in a share of a local farm in exchange for the bounty of that farm during the harvest season. They have grown in popularity in recent years, and its not uncommon for certain CSA’s to sell out their available shares, and for farmers to not be able to meet the demand. This is all good news for several reasons.


Lindsay said...

We belong to Thompson Small Farm CSA. It's located near Carbon, AB. This is our first year and no veggies have been harvested yet so I can't really report much as to quality or experience but I'm excited to get started!

Ryan said...

We belong to the Oxyoke Farms CSA near Linden out of Knox United Church.

We're also waiting for produce. Stupid weather!