Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Calgary Food Policy Council Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the Calgary Food Policy Council Meeting last night.

A very diverse group discussed issues related to the local food system. There was considerable discussion about strategy.

The next meeting is scheduled for 17Nov08. Rob Avis will chair the next meeting. Send agenda submissions to him directly: rob.avis {at} gmail {dot}com

Everyone is welcome!

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Link to the Toronto Food Policy Council:

"The TFPC operates as a sub-committee of the Toronto Board of Health. Our members include City Councillors, and volunteer representatives from consumer, business, farm, labour, multicultural, anti-hunger advocacy, faith, and community development groups."

TFPC: "It's the power of ideas, inspired individuals and empowered communities that gives us influence."

The Calgary Food Policy Council url's:

Info on the role of Food Policy Council's and links to related information.

The Calgary Food Policy Council blog

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